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Officer Interviews: Yuri Shimoda, Programming

Name: Yuri Shimoda Year/progress in degree: Second year School and program: UCLA MLIS program Area of interest: Audio Archiving, Public Service Why did you choose librarianship as a career path? I felt that music librarianship was the best way for me to combine my love for and background in music

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Officer Interviews: Sarah Ward, Chair

This post is the beginning of a series to help you get to know your new officers. Look for a new interview each week between now and the end of September. Name: Sarah Ward Year/progress in degree: I’m heading into year 2 (of 3) on a dual degree (Master of

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MLStEP Elections: Call for Nominations

The MLStEP officers are pleased to announce the 2018 election call for nominations! Our Membership Officer, Allison McClanahan, will be accepting nominations until Monday, April 23rd, via a Google Form: LINK HERE. The Google Form will ask you for your name, membership status, which position for which you would like to run, and your

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This concert cylinder is just one of the many treasures at the UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive.

The Student Chapter of ARSC at UCLA: A blog post by Yuri Shimoda

If you’re pursuing a career in music librarianship or audio archiving, the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) is an organization with which you’re hopefully familiar. Whether you’ve read the ARSC Guide to Audio Preservation as part of your coursework, searched for job opportunities on ARSCLIST, or turned to members

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Music Cataloging Institute: A blog post by Celia Gavett

Editors note: This post was written by Celia shortly after the cataloging institute in June. We are sorry for the delay in posting. June 12th-16th I had the great fortune to attend the Music Cataloging Institute hosted at Willis Library on the University of North Texas’s Denton campus. I’ll cut

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